Donation Letter from Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation

Improving health. Transforming lives – Mission pictures

Gratitude for Past Support and Request for Polidocanol Donation


Dear Mr. Leshtaev and Kreussler Pharmaceutical,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous support that Kreussler
Pharmaceutical has compassionately provided to us in the past years. Your commitment
to donating Polidocanol for our Veins clinics has had a profound impact and has been
instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. Your latest donation in September helped
us achieve not only a fall reduced mission in Honduras, but some of the excess allowed
for the re-introduction of the same treatment in a mission in Guadalajara this month,
January, 2024. We very much appreciate how you helped us to navigate the delivery via
HHPF’s mission includes sponsoring international medical trips that integrate
high-quality learning experiences for healthcare providers with the delivery of medical
care to those in need. We pride ourselves on teaching healthcare professionals from
across the globe various methods to economically treat debilitating health conditions.
Our goal: improve healthcare, transform lives.
As we continue our efforts, we again find ourselves in need of medical supplies,
specifically polidocanol. It is the life-changing medication that helps thousands of
patients we treat, and it is the basis for teaching our techniques for physicians and
technicians to take back for use in their own practices. We are again asking Kreussler
Pharmaceutical for your donation to contribute to the success of our upcoming projects.
We have planned a full service trip to three clinic locations in Honduras March 8-16. We
plan to treat more than 1000 patients with venous disease and ulcer/wound care. We
would love to be able to count on your donation to help us achieve this.
I am including a separate PDF with a set of photos from the past mission. Some
demonstrate our physicians injecting, assessing and assisting patients. Others show the
gratitude of the treatments and the joy of receiving some additional donated goods. We
will of course share photos with you from our upcoming Veins treatment missions.
Once again, thank you for your past support, and we look forward to the possibility of a
donation to help make a lasting impact.

With gratitude,
Kay Weeden
Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation