Package Information

There are five different concentrations of Aethoxysklerol®available (not all are available in every country). This makes it easy for you to treat all types of varicose veins. For the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, please use Aethoxysklerol®3%.

To determine the maximum concentration you can refer to our dosage table. If you are not sure which dosage is the most suitable one for your patient, you can contact us for more information or training.

You can select from the following concentrations:

Lauromacrogol 400 content
in every 2 ml*
0.25% 5 mg
0.5% 10 mg
1% 20 mg
2% 40 mg
3% 60 mg

*Generally, the dose of 2 mg Lauromacrogol 400 (polidocanol) per kg body weight per day should not be exceeded.

Please note: Not all concentrations and indications are available in every country. Trade names may vary from country to country. Information on this website is based on German Summary of Product Characteristics.
Please refer to your national marketing authorization.