Kreussler presents the 5th UIP Sclerotherapy Award to support young phlebologists

Kreussler presents the 5th UIP Sclerotherapy Award to support young phlebologists


Wiesbaden, July 2018 – As part of this year’s UIP World Meeting held in Melbourne, Australia from February 4th to 8th, the International Union of Phlebology (UIP) and Kreussler Pharma announced the winner of the 2018 UIP Kreussler Young Scientists’ Sclerotherapy Award. The research grant of 10,000 euros supports young physicians in performing a clinical or experimental study on the topic of sclerotherapy of varicose veins. This year’s winner was Dr. A. Gonzalez Ochoa, a young vascular surgeon from Mexico, who had been selected by an expert committee prior to the congress.


5th Kreussler UIP Sclerotherapy Research Grant

The winner of the 2018 UIP Kreussler Sclerotherapy Award, Dr. A. Gonzalez Ochoa from San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico, won with his study investigating whether oral administration of the drug sulodexide can reduce the number of temporary hyperpigmentations after sclerotherapy. Sulodexide, a glycosaminoglycan, has a mild antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effect and could therefore prevent excessive inflammatory reactions in the area of the treated varicose veins and any accompanying hyperpigmentation. The prospective, randomised, controlled multicentre study is planned to include 600 patients. In the study, varicose veins with a diameter of 1 to 6 mm will be treated with a single sclerotherapy session, using either liquid Aethoxysklerol 0.5% and 1% or Aethoxysklerol 1% foam, depending on the diameter.

Half of the study subjects will receive oral sulodexide twice daily. Intake will start 1 week before the sclerotherapy and end 3 months after the treatment. The other half of the patient group will undergo sclerotherapy without taking the drug. The results of both groups will be compared by means of photographic evaluation 4 and 12 weeks after the treatment. Both the treatment efficacy and the areas and intensity of any hyperpigmentation in the sclerosed area will be evaluated.

“The UIP Kreussler Sclerotherapy Award is an important element in promoting up-and-coming phlebologists and allows young physicians to implement their creative ideas on phlebological issues in clinical medical research“, said Prof. Eberhard Rabe M.D., former president of the UIP, who selected this year’s winner together with an expert committee.


Dr. Travers from Kreussler awards the winner’s cheque

for the 2018 UIP Sclerotherapy Award to Dr. Gonzalez Ochoa from Mexico

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